About Us

Planning to Study Abroad ? One of the best “Educational Consultant” in Bangladesh. GES provide free services to our students (No Consultancy Fee)
Company Overview
Global Education Service – Dhaka is a branch office of an Indian company based in West Bengal which is one of the renowned education consultant in India .  GES Bangladesh started operating since 2013 and GES Head Office has started its operation since 2008.
1. International student consultations and support all the way from choosing the right program, application for a study permit and until your graduation.
2. Airport pick up and transportation to your new home.
3. Help with finding accommodation near the College

Our goal is to increase our niche in the Area of International Education. GES endeavor to strengthen the bridge between Foreign Universities and the Bangladeshi students / professionals, as well as GES able to provide them with various opportunities to explore both global and Bangladeshi business markets and have a unique learning experience.


1.Career Counselling.
2.Admission Guidance
3.Scholarship Guidance
4.University Selection
5. Academic Pathway Planning
6.Visa Assistance*
7.Finance Guidance
8.Travel Assistance
9. Forex Assitance
10. Pre-Departure Guidance
11. Post-Departure Guidance

General information
Students from other cities can email us at dhaka@india-ges.com and we will call you back within 24 hours or simply, fill our very short form.
Note:  Like we have been doing since several years, we will help students in any city in Bangladesh.  Working through a combination of telephone, email and courier, we have helped students in most major cities. You will get the mobile number of a specific individual in our team who can regularly stay in touch with you. And if needed, we will give you a local contact (our recommended consultant) whom you can meet in your own city
Thanking YouRegards
GES Team
Global Education Service

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