Why to study in Canada

Why study in Canada

Students who have never been to Canada often have an image of it as the land of snow and hockey. What they find when they come to the country is quite different. Polar bears stick to the northern regions and there are beautiful seasons other than winter in Canada. Hockey is the national game but there are a thousand other sports and activities to choose from—some on sunny beaches, some near vast lakes or oceans, and some in the midst of busy modern cities.

Across Canada are examples of excellence, innovation, and beauty, all of which—along with top-notch educational institutions—make Canada one of the leading study abroad destinations in the world. Canada Is a Wonderful Place to Live and Study: Since 2004, the United Nations has ranked Canada in the top 10 countries in the world in its Quality of Life Index. Combining excellent educational institutions, an innovative economy, a tolerant and safe culture, and extraordinary beauty, Canada is an ideal destination for international students.

Canadian Education Is World Class : Canada is also ranked #1 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for higher education achievement—more than half of its citizens between the ages of 25 and 64 have a post-secondary education. The Times 2012–2013 World University Rankings placed eight Canadian universities in the top 200 (and five of these in the top 100). As well, Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s prestigious 2012 Academic Ranking of World Universities placed four Canadian institutions in its top 100.

Welcoming Environment and a Safe Place to Live and Study : Canada is renowned all over the world for its tradition of hospitality and tolerance. A remarkable multicultural society ensures that you will be welcomed and made to feel at home during your stay in Canada. Canada is considered to be a relatively peaceful, safe and orderly country. It is high-ranked particularly for its high-class education and low crime rates. In addition, Canada’s largest cities ̶̶ Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal ̶ have been recognized as world class cities in which to live, study and work, for their cleanliness and safety and for their cultural activities and attractive lifestyles.

High Standard of Living : Canadians enjoy a standard of living-among the highest in the world. A wide range of cultural activities is available, including museums, art galleries, live theatre, dance and music performances, shopping malls and restaurants. Canada has one of the smallest population density ratios in the world per square kilometer.

Developed Economy : There prevails a stimulating environment in Canada to do business and to learn. The country is an international leader in computer and IT and has a reputation for excellence. As a student, you have a wealth of research and scholars to draw upon a variety of disciplines.

Multi-cultural : Canada is one of the most multi cultural countries in the world. Increasingly, Canada is becoming the country of choice for students from all parts of the world. It is, in fact, a nation of immigrants from all over the globe, creating a wonderful, vibrant and harmonious mix of cultures. Included in this dynamic mix are more than 700,000 Canadians of Indian origin. Because it is such a tolerant society, International students are welcomed with open arms.

Education System : Degrees and diplomas from Canadian institutions are among the most widely recognized and possess the highest standard in the world. Students have a diverse choice of more than 100 Universities and 150 Community Colleges and technical Institutes offering an amazingly wide array of study programs.

Lower Tuition Fees and Cost of Living: Tuition fees for international students are among the lowest in this country, with education standards among the highest anywhere. For all that it offers, Canada has a remarkably low cost of living. Its inflation rate has remained one of the lowest in the industrialized world. The average tuition cost for an international student is CDN$ 12,000 per year while living expenses are estimated at CDN$ 8,000 per annum.

International Experience: There are 175,000 international students from all parts of the world annually in Canada. Your educational experience is sure to be truly international. Upon graduation, international students have the option to work, before returning home. This provides an excellent opportunity to gain experience in an international setting.

Recreational Activities: Canada is a vast country with a variety of tourist destinations. Wherever you choose to study in Canada, you will discover a multitude of cultural, leisure, and other recreational activities, that each province and territory has to offer, year-round.

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