How to apply for Canada student visa

Canada Student Visa

Prospective students must apply for a study permit if their main reason for coming to Canada is to study for more than six months. Students must apply for a study permit before coming to Canada, and must have been accepted at a school, university, or college in Canada before applying. Students will need to understand which documents are required to apply for a study permit:

1. Proof of acceptance:
the original letter of acceptance from the Canadian institution.

2. Proof of identity:
a valid passport or travel document and two recent passport-sized photos for the student and each accompanying family member.

3. Proof of financial support:
Speak to GES counselor who will help you guide you with the same In addition to these documents, students may be asked to provide other information when applying for a study permit.

If you need any help regarding VISA please do not hesitate to mail us or call us on our helpline numbers. One of our GES counselors will help you all the questions. For more information you can meet the Visa counselor at any GES office.

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