Admission procedure to get admission into Canadian universities and colleges

Admission Procedure in Canada

While selecting the right course and Institution, keep in mind the following points:-

1. Your academic grades(including achievements)
2. Test scores(IELTS, etc)
3. Your financial capacity
4. Major (Specialization) subjects that you are interested in
5. Term of entry (Feb/July)
6. The reputation of the Institution

7. The student to faculty ratio of the Institution
8. The location of the Institution (big city/small town/rural setup)
9. The climatic conditions (not to be stressed, unless you have health constraints)

Taking various required tests like GMAT/GRE/SAT and TOEFL/IELTS

Students are advised to keep their scores ready at least 9 months in advance so that they can easily make the selection of the right kind of university based on the score. Also they can meet Application and Financial Aid/ Scholarship Deadlines on time or even retest if they are not satisfied with their scores Arranging and preparing documents required for application

• Application Forms- Students can fill out an online application form for some of the universities. Where this facility is not available, paper application form should be downloaded from the university website and should be neatly printed and filled.
• Application Fee- Application fee could range from CND $ 50-CND $ 200 . If filling out online application form then it has to be paid through an international Credit Card or teh payment can also be made by International Demand Draft.
• Transcripts, Mark sheets & Degree/Diploma Certificates- Students who are applying for a Bachelor program or another undergraduate course would be required to submit a secondary school mark sheets and transcripts of the final exams from their educational institution attended. Students applying for Graduate course (MBA, MS etc) are required to submit an official transcript (Mark-sheets) from each college or university that they have attended after secondary school. Most universities ask for the transcript (mark-sheets) to be sealed in an envelope and signed and attested across the seal by the registrar of the educational institution issuing it. This procedure is to be done for each and every college that the student has attended. Some universities may ask for more than one copy of the transcripts.
• Statement of Purpose/Essays- The personal essays or statement of purpose, play a very important role in the process of evaluating the student’s application for both admission as well as financial aid because it gives the faculty assessing the application, their most significant impression of the student as an individual. A personal statement should include the reasons for choosing a particular course, the suitability of his education and experience for the chosen course, his personal interests and career goals.
• Resume- A resume is normally requires for courses in Business Schools like the MBA program.
• Recommendation Letters- A recommendation letter is a signed reference from a person who knows the student well like his employer or his professor who has taught him in a subject that is related to the course the student is applying to. Normally university requires 2 to 3 recommendation letters. Many universities have their own format and questions that have to be answered by the person who is giving the letter of recommendation.
• Any Other Requested Information- Depending upon the course of study, the application packet may include portfolio, Video CD’s, Drawings or even a write-up of 150-200 words of any project the student has undertaken.

If you need any help regarding admission please do not hesitate to mail us at or call us on our helpline numbers. One of our counselors will help you all the question.

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